Liriels History

You were born into this world with a cry that could deafen, or so your mother said. She was like you, a Sandwalker. But unlike you, she accepted her place in the world by being amongst her people. Your people, or so you have been told your whole life. For a Sandwalker, you are not quiet and thoughtful but strong-willed and sometimes crass. You knew that though there is beauty in the dusty world of the desert, you had a craven lust for more. Living in reverence of the sand held no appeal to you, though somehow innate skill somehow found it’s way into your being none the less. You hold a very strong will over the sand and wind forces. You almost never feel the need for water, your sand-gliding is second to none but the oldest Sandwalkers, though Halloren Beetles rarely answer your call. This fact has brought you grief within the “walker” community. As a person so gifted in the other powers, to have you calls not answered by “the great ones” is a very negative quality. Since you could understand spoken word, you have understood you were unliked. Then your personality began to truly unearth itself. Feelings of extreme anger would come over you and no one could tell when it was going to happen. When you search your memories of childhood, there is something blocking your progress as if your mind is keeping you from your deepest thoughts and that frustration manifests itself randomly now in for the form of sporatic rage. The Rock Colony has been your home for so long, that it was all you knew. Until the day came when you almost died.

Walking the dunes near the Rock Colony one night, you became insane with anger towards the colony for the rejection you felt from many of them. You began to stomp away on top of the sand, marching straight away. It only took five, six steps for you to realize your mistake before you saw movement to your left. Immediately pulling a pole from your back, you began backpedalling. Too late. The world spun and you were suddenly being violently and quickly pulled away from colony. A new emotion: terror. You knew immediately it was a trapworm, so you spent the next 20 seconds being bashed over dunes while trying to inflict enough damage to break the tentacle. It wasn’t working and now you can see other tentacles rippling in the sand around you, which you knew meant you were getting close to the mouth. The world stopped for what seemed like hours. Enough time for you to file through the memories of your life and conclude that you were not given a fair chance by the gods to see your fate through yet. This made you angry, very angry. You could see the next dune coming and it looked like a big one, the fall after would hurt but you pushed off exactly as the appendage pulled you over the crest of the dune. This launched the rubbery thing and yourself high into the air where you twisted and planted the pole in your armpit, while lining up the flesh of it with the ground. The impact of your weight and the placed blow severed the creatures grasp on you. Now there was huge writhing all around you and you turned to see the center of the thing vibrating in protest. All the tentacles began to shrink and become stubs the size of tree trunks that bobbed clumsily in your direction. There was no escape, you would be crushed. Your defiant rage peaked again and you ran at the base of the creature, determined to make it feel as much pain as possible before you were eaten. The ground exploded and glass flew into the air, revealing a very old looking Human, though his skin looked like the bark of a . He demanded you come in his direction and without hesitation you complied. Suddenly you were in a glass tube, running away from the colony hearing the crashing thuds of the monster above. The Vharukee loudly crackled “run or you’ll be crushed woman”! The tunnel was collapsing and sand poured and dust flew while the two of you ran. A minute passed and you both stopped.

The corridor was perfectly circular, formed with a foot-deep pile of sand lying on the bottom of it. The thudding was out of range and now the two of you stood staring at each other. You were wishing you still had the pole you dropped on the surface in case this new friend revealed a different side to himself. He stood looking deep into your eyes, perhaps trying to find some information there. You averted the stare and paced back a few steps waiting for the next moment. He spoke more slowly now and the sound was not what you would have imagined from an alien creature. You had only ever seen a Morlock fly overhead once and that was near the extent of your foreign knowledge. His voice was harsh, but had a melodic flow to it. He said in near perfect human, “There were desertdraggers watching your struggle with the trapworm. No doubt there will be Joons here within an hour, unfortunately for you there are no tunnels leading back to your home. You can stay and Take your chances or travel with me where I can lead you to a tunnel that will take you to Hou’Caw. It isn’t much of an option I know, but at least you’ll live. For a while. This is the best I can do, what will you do”? A long moment passed in which you thought of your life. Perhaps death is better, you thought. “I’ll take my chances with the city” You answered. With that the old creature led the way through what seemed and infinite measure of time. Days passed without even a word from the guide except the command of “sleep”. The air in the tunnel became very stale, then it split in three and a waft of fresh breeze passed over you both. He stood hunched over staring at you once more. A long moment passed and then he spoke. “This is the way to Hou’Caw” he said. “Perhaps you will trick the gods long enough to make them forget you and maybe survive in the city, perhaps not though. Find a job with Sanaz, she will help you. Oh here are a few coins to buy food and water. Don’t lose them. He coughed and started to walk away. “stay out of sight as much as possible”! He croaked, nearly out of distance. Terribly afraid, you walked the remainder of the tunnel to the city.

Thousands of sounds assaulted you even before you laid eyes on the underbelly of the city. Echoes of events played off of a thousand faces of glass toward you. The air rushed from behind you and into the city. This was obviously an air hole that recently had been connected to the long tunnel you two had traveled in. You peeked out and around. So this was Hou’Caw. There were thousands of little lights dancing inside of glass globes attached to poles. Those poles were attached to what must have been hundreds of walkways and terraces following the angular slices taken out of the city. It was glass, all glass with sand littered here and there. If you weren’t so busy being afraid of the thousands of beings walking around, you would have been in awe.

Slipping down when the way was clear, you gathered you will and tried to look composed as you walked the streets. Eyes were upon you, you could feel it so you looked down and continued walking. A female form walked by you and once by, you could feel her stop. You panicked and turned around. She was beautiful, with long ears and perfect skin though she looked very tired. She asked you a question you couldn’t understand. You just got nervous and replied “Sanaz”. She smiled and put your arm in hers and the two of you walked for a few minutes, slowly ascending to a higher tier. She brought you through a curved door(made of glass of course) that was lit by what you could now distinguish a six inch long worm with a light for head, trapped in a glass ball. When you entered, the smell of sex was offensive. Vials of different colors were standing on shelving. Items made of the skin of animals hung over the walls. There were small blotches of blood dotting the ground and cries of pain came from somewhere down the hall. A strange woman quickly tip-toed out of a side room down that hall. She quietly laughed to herself as she regarded the two of you standing there, staring at her. Her smile widened and it made you uncomfortable. She spoke very broken human, but her meanings were unmistakable. She was explaining her new ownership of you, and how you were lucky to have her taking care of you. Over the next few days she explained what your duties included which were cleaning up the messes left behind after a client had his time. You now understood the nature of this place and though it did sicken you, a strange part of you accepted it as purely business. A month passed and Sanaz took you aside to explain your new role. You were to become a torturer of clients. You would give them pleasure as well. This was not to your liking, but there was no other choice. It was this, or death in the streets or in the desert. Besides, you were in control of them not the other way around. You didn’t want to admit it to yourself, but you liked the prospect of a measure of control in a situation you didn’t have any in. You took to it well. After a few months, clients were requesting you. Now Sanaz had your tattoo applied to your forehead to signify you were hers and this allowed you free movement throughout the city. Not feeling too comfortable in the streets, you took to a small smoke shop called Carala 9 in the Carala District. Here you spent the next months’ off time becoming addicted to Kanem. After a while, you began seeing the same two Melekhai elves at the end of the smoke table night after night. You were becoming more brave when you had the smoke in you and started a conversation one day with them. They seemed to be different than the sulking, quiet people who simply survived in the city. After a few weeks they were fast becoming friends. The thought seemed absurd in this place, but yet it was happening. Tonight you will meet them again for a new flavor of the smoke that Hethem has had imported from Hou’Nal.

Liriels History

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