LuckHouse Entrance


Nearing the entrance of the Luckhouse sets off alarm bells in your mind. It is never unusual for the guards be in abundance at the doors, but even during a screecher attack, this is ridiculous. Standing just outside of the glass double-doors to the Luckhouse there are a mixture of openly armed door-guards. Roughly 22-30: Palantians, and Ireelians are dispersed into three groups, their weapons drawn. Scanning every vertical walkway, they all show the Luckhouse emblem branded into a “hide” arm-band, wrapped around each left bicep. The doormen are all on edge, awaiting a screecher attack.

They eye your group and corresponding weapons before one Ireelian yells his loudest to cut through the howl of background noise.

Go ahead to Ireelian Doorman


In barely comprehensible Palantian he barks “Admission is 40HC tonight, per person if you’re on the list. Where is your invitation? Hurry up you bastard, don’t you know there are screechers about?”

You show the small piece of cloth and the Ireelian stands a bit taller and puffs out his chest. “You’re going to have to pay the late fee, and its gone up since we’ve been holding the doors open for you. Risking our lives with all the Screechers about.”

“You’ll pay us 80HC or maybe you don’t EVER go inside again.” His entire group catches onto the idea and their eyes begin to press on all of you. All of their palms whitening to grip their respective weapons.

The diplomatic Ireelian smiles and shows his gums, razor-like equivalent to that of a reptile. Two Ireelians snort and their faces turn upward, the closest equivalent to an Ireelian laugh.

When the situation is resolved, proceed to the Next Page

Spot Check #3 DC 24

Seven doormen line the left wall of the steep descending slope to the Luckhouse complex, each openly fingering various-sized metal or bone weapons. (The amount of metal on display is not lost on you. The floor beneath your feet is uneven and 2” – 4” steps are randomly staggered all the way down to the end of the declining hallway. Dex Check, Anyone with a Critical Fumble staggers once, drawing never-too-old chuckles from the door-men on the left. (People have been falling down those steps for a hundred years).


The walls are covered in over-used Karnac tiles some of which have fallen off from their mortar and now leave holes in a once well-planned design. You walk down the remainder of the entrance noting the uncommon smells of high-quality food cooking, mix with the classic odor of the luckhouse. Blood, sweat, Kanem and anxiety.

Most likely the result of the Screecher attacks outside, the noise coming from the inner Luckhouse is unusually suppressed.

Enter the Luckhouse Mainroom

Breaching the threshold of two open glass doors, you notice something drastically out of place. There seems to be a Nerulian at every corner of the foyer, and EVERYONE is openly carrying weapons. You’ve never seen more than Nerulians two at any given time (and rarely see them at all), so this is definitely strange. Anywhere from 20-30 muli-racial heads turn from their milling about, tile-playing or match viewing to regard your group. Their eyes linger for what seems to be longer than normal, even in Hou’Caw, but it could also be your nerves causing you to dwell on the discomfort of meeting with the Black Cloth for the first time, especially in a public place.

Since Liriel has never been in the Luckhouse, it is up to Zylar and Darius to plot the course to the back of the “Common Floor” (where the note implied you were to find seating). Once you first view the Luckhouse Map, you have 30 seconds to declare the route you will take to find your seating.

When the time has elapsed, go to the Gambling Addiction page.

Darius, with the time you have recently been allowed from Algoras, you have “accidentally” found yourself insde the Luckhouses a few too many times. This has resulted in a mild gambling addiction.

You will now roll a d4 to determine which betting has sucked you in. 1) Naceer; 2) Tandem Fighting; 3) Karnack Tiles 4) Gauntlet. Once in the Luckhouse, you feel the familiar pull to gamble. It is one of the only times in life where you can drift away from your past, a welcome reprieve. Everyone Rolls d20s. If Darius rolls lower than the rest of the party, he tries to gamble immediately. Otherwise, quick coercion works and he comes to his senses.

Find the next page here Meltdown

Photobucket Liriel Must roll a d20 and not roll a natural 1, or she suffers a psychotic breakdown. She will start to sweat and lunge at the nearest person and try to gouge out their eyes, thinking that they are staring at her Obedient Passion brand, into her soul and judging her for forsaking her people and settling into a life of prostitution.

Proceed to Luckhouse Mainroom


As usual, everyone is watching their backs. Areas which are usually empty in the far corners away from the action spots, are being occupied. There are too many bodies in here and those bodies are radiating heavy, wet heat.

You can better see the combo fight taking place and it sounds as though Four Naceers are tearing each other apart in the pit below. (A combo match is between two fighters, each with a team of Naceers. A win is signified by the death of a fighter or a call of “yield”).

Normally this event is a hit, but tonight it seems hard to watch your back while watching a match. Thus the sounds of the fight are beginning to rise above the din of the crowd. Wherever you decide make a path to fit your destination, those you pass by will be watching. Where are your hands? What are your eyes doing? How fast are you walking? How close together are you walking? Are you going to avoid any particular obstacles you may face? Which side will you take? What order are you walking? You have 30 seconds to decide. DM will set a timer.

Then you will continue to The Left DM then shows “Luckhouse walk left map 1


You will choose The Right DM then shows “Luckhouse walk right map 1

Karnac players and dealers pay you little or no heed as you wind your way through the tables towards the Trapworm laden Gauntlet, and the perimeter of the Lower Sand Pit. A calico collection of racial faces takes turn regarding your group the no matter which direction you take.

Spot Check4; DC 21. (Whoever is leading the Group). If you make the spot, the DM will send you to the Spot Check 4 page.

Without further ado, Keep Walking 1


A Meric-jaw Xylophone plays it’s only two notes, in time with the last grain of sand falling to the bottom of it’s huge hourglass, signaling the end of the round for both combatants in the Sand Pit below. The next round will very likely be the last for the fighter with only one Naceer remaining.

A ten minute reprieve is granted to the combatants as per usual between fights. Those lining the railing at the edge of the pit turn their attentions elsewhere. Some looking for a servant to order from, a few filing outside to excrete.

You’re still walking

Everyone Rolls d20’s. Anyone who critical fumbles, has a Kavala attempt to pick-pocket 10% of their HC. They must Roll opposing DEX CHECKS with the DM. Critical fumble means the 10% of your HC spills out onto the Luckhouse floor. SCRAMBLES!

Continue on by clicking Keep Walking 3


An incredibly beautiful human servant woman walks by with small cornicopias filled with various fungi. She offers them for 2HC and stresses their freshness and guarentees zero gut-rot. Attached to her waist is a belt with roughly 12-18 holsters for small glass vials, filled with various distilled liquids. She asks if you’re thirsty for scented flower water, a fermented fish-scale liquor (a Kavala favorite), spiced fruit juice or just plain water. At the end of her schpeil, she offers a flat, emotionless smile and waits for your reply by primping her Laird-feather headdress with her free hand.

Liriel 1

Keep Walking 4

Garul, the Half-Man, merrily makes his patented slide down the glass shaft and onto the podium/stage where he sweeps his arms out and extends his rotten toothed smile to the crowd.

Only Varuulians are immune to Garuls’ charm and boisterous demeanor as he wails his customary “WHEWWWWWWWWWWW” and trumpets his recently transplanted horn into the air. A mix of strange laughter breifly takes over the Luckhouse.

His voice piercing the air in a near three hundred and sixty degree explosion, he shouts and sweeps again with his hands. “Mongrels, all of you!” He insults the crowd in Ireelian.


You reach the Kavalas sitting at the table

Three Kavalas are positioned with their seated backs against the wall with a human (looks to be ACS) female standing behind them. To their left are two guards, two Ireelians and a lone plainly dressed Varuulian. Immediately seated on the table to your right are a two battle-clad soldiers, one Ireelian and the other a very large Palantian.

Spot Check #5 DC 24 for the group.

“All of you, sit down.” Says the Kavala in the middle, never breaking a syllable in perfect Palantian. Smoking an exquisite Kanem Pipe, he points to the table with five available chairs existing to his right.

“And shut up.” Says the Kavala to his left.

This breifly draws the attention of the Varuulian to your right, who then immediatly returns his gaze to the podium.

Keep watching Garul

Bringing his whiteworm lit staff very close to his face, Garul goes on..

“You’re filth and not worthy even as feed to the monsters outside the city!” Continuing in Palantian, he collects a few more laughs.

A tired smile spreads lazily up one side of his face.

Shaking his head he continues. “But I suppose some of you think ya deserve to be here tonight. What a shame that you don’t know how wrong you are.” He stops in time and eyes the entire group hanging from the foyer.

“Greatness has befallen you.” He stats flatly and lets his arms fall to their sides. As close to child-like wonder as he can produce, he looks up fourty five degrees.

“You will remember the position of the stars on this night.”

He then does a half piroette and moves a full step backwards, completing the last fourty five degrees and looks in awe, to the apex of the domed room.

Keep watching

Liriel Reads:


Nal’s Speech


In oddity of form and absurdity in sound, Nal continues on with his smooth Palantian studder.

“All exits have been sealed and any chance for escape is now impossible. I have arranged this for a few reasons. One being to shield us from the prying eyes of the desertdragger, and another is we don’t want any of our Screecher friends interrupting our private party tonight.” He turns and regards your table for the first time in his speech, giving you all a passing glance as the tempo of his speech doesn’t slow a beat.

Garul, to Nal’s left, is slowly massaging the new graft point between his horn and head.

“Tonight my fighters of freedom, my doers of good work, we will rattle Hou’s cage once more. At any moment we will receive word that Hou’s Jurgish army (You see every Varuulian in the House teem with rage at the very mention of their enemies) is marching to face the threat I have orchestrated. Some of you will be given tasks that must be completed tonight, others will slowly drape the veil of The Cloth over the eyes of this city for many cycles of Zinthan to come.”

“Know that when I ask of you, so do I reward. Tonight you will savor only a taste of what is to come. Relax and enjoy a few hours in complete safety while the world outside huddles in fear of our allies, the screechers. The purveyors of this fine establishment offer you any of their services at a pittance of normal rate. Eat, drink, gamble and await your assignments. The good people of the world are depending on you, on US, to change the wrongs committed by the Yikitari and their bitch-slave Hou.” Without stuttering his next sentence, Nal finishes. “One day soon enough, this city will be ours!!”

The crowd is cheering as Nal steps into his glass cage and Garul gathers up the cloth that he disrobed. The cage makes its ascent back up as Garul walks the perimeter of the podium draping the huge cloth down, exposing its’ backside and a glowing silver tree with seven points adorning the top.

“Let the match resume!!” Shreiks Garul with an elevated smile.

Back to the Kavala Table

The Kavala seated in the middle of table, smoking his fine-smelling Kanem, motions for Liriel to take a seat at his table.

The rest of the party continues on by clicking here, Liriel will wait for the DM to send her a link.
A female Ireelian woman adorned with a naked/painted upper body smiles as she turns to regard your table. She is followed by two human slave-women holding glass trays, covered in foods and the other covered in drinks. The Ireelian waitress tilts her head to the side, smiles wider (revealing razor-sharp gums) and begins to go through the menu of items behind her.

“To my left I have “FRESH & Raw” Raka fish! Magically transported here just minutes ago. If you can afford it, I stongly suggest you try it!” (She stresses the word “strongly” and flexes both her small, shapely arms and smiles earnestly). “Its only 420HC and once I take this tray of Raka downstairs, someone will buy it and you’ll be out of luck!” She smiles once again. She then proceeds to pass you a glass tablet price-list of the other items available.


“I remember your face, though you are uglier than I remember.” He gargles in Kavala. “It wasn’t difficult to find you, you know. I noticed that brand on the side of your head and used Haleel to lure you here, it wasn’t hard really.” He states smugly.

He lets a moment of silence pass and turns his head to cement his superiority. This Kavala is exactly what most of them are, self-serving and arrogant.

“Because you saved my life in Karala 9, I’m going to spare yours by not telling the Vanguard about your friend over there. I’m sure they would love to know all about his roaming about, out of uniform performing orchestrated attacks for hire.” His pointed face contracts and he takes a big inhale from his pipe. Blowing the smoke just to the side of your face, he smiles and continues.

“I suspect I know who it was that attacked us that night at Hethem’s, did you see anyone else other than thugs?”

In the background, the naceer-handicapped fighter has finally gone down to the cheers and dismay of the crowd.

Determine what you are going to say to the Kavala, confer with the DM, then he will send you a link dependent on your actions.

“I strongly suspect the attack came from D’Mor, a rogue Cloth member who thinks he can operate outside the directions he is given. He is here tonight, but don’t alert him in any way. We will deal with him later.His attack on me was no doubt an attempt to disrupt the order of the cloth, but he is sadly mistaken, measures are being taken to eliminate future disruptions.” He realizes his smoke is burning away and takes another long pull off of the pipe. “I suppose I should tell you my name, it’s Icler.

“I am going to give you your assignment, which will include your friends over there as well.” He says while looking away.

“When the doors to the Luckhouse are re-opened, the attack of Screechers will be in full effect. The streets will not be safe. Hou’s Jurgish army will have emptied onto the streets and will be engaged with Screechers, causing the Raiflin Vanguard to withdraw into Hou’s Palace.

Your friend will be summoned back with them. He will not answer the call. He will surrender his orb and Vanguard effects to us, and we will orchestrate his faux-untimely demise. We have arranged for an Alterationist to aid us with his new face and killed two Melekhai which bear a good enough resemblance for the Alterationist to fix up a body.” Taking another puff from his Kanem, he regards Zylar as he knows he will see his face for the last time, and smiles. “How I do so love to help weave the cloth.”

He taps ash on the floor and fills the pipe anew, allowing his friend to the right to lean over him and stoke his fire once more.

The smoking Kavala laughs and catches himself, as if forgetting something important and takes another toke from his pipe.

“Instead of using the front exit like most of the members in here tonight, you and your friends will take the back stairs. You will be escorted to a secret tunnel which will take you directly to the back of the Wall Tower, East of Ulkansenexils’ compound. You will kill all soldiers in the tower and destroy the Turret System. Here, I will give you these, (Hands you three head-straps, centered by one green gem) they will make you appear to be from the same “Thinker Caste” as Nal. The screechers will follow your lead if you are wearing them, but tear you apart the moment they see through the deception. You will lead as many Screechers as you can back down the tunnel from which you came, and divert them into the side-tunnel marked on this map (gives you a rough-drawn map of your mission).


That is all you need to know about that part of your night.” He draws a deep breath before inhaling Kanem once more. He finishes his exhale and continues.

“When you finish this task, take the tunnel back to the Luckhouse and knock on the door 4 times and you will be let back in, where I will collect the head-straps and give you your reward, which I imagine will exceed even the pleasure you have ever given to your clients at Obedient Passion.” He shares a laugh with his two seated friends.

With a sharp inhale, he continues. “If at any time you find yourself having an opportunity to kill D’Mor with no witnesses, please excercise it and I will offer you 800 HC as a reward. I’ll need his head as proof. No head, no reward. And if you get caught, I imagine I will be the one ordering your death, so don’t come to me for help.”

“You and the others are free to enjoy the Luckhouse. I hear Nal had someone magically ferry in raw Raka fish from Havenward, among other fine foods. Eat up, you’ll need your energy tonight.” He laughs and waves his hand to shoo you back to your table.

Continue with your night

A ragged-looking human wearing a puffy jacket walks infront of your table and asks if you need any knives. He opens he coat slowly as not to arouse suspicion and shows his wares.

“Anything look interesting?” He waits for the response from the table.


When you’ve finished any negotiations with the knife-dealer, you are free to Explore the Luckhouse

During this time, you are free to…

Watch and bet on the Private Naceer Cage Matches; Play the “Karnac Tiles”; Challenge someone to a “Shells” game; Gamble on a Gauntlet attempt; Try your luck IN the Gauntlet; Challenge someone to an Arm Wrestle for the customary 8HC bet; Sign up for a Combo Fight (Not reccommended for beginners, but rewarding if you can pull it off); Sit and order drinks or food; Get pampered in the “Serviced Area” by servant girls who oil, scrub and cleanse you with “skinworms” while you soak your feet or warm them in the Heated Sand Troughs the Luckhouse is famous for; Or you can always just people watch.

SMOKE BREAK. (good time to discuss what you want to do with your 2 hours of free time within the Luckhouse!)



worth 4 points


worth 2 points


worth 1 point


worth 5 points


worth 3 points


worth 2 points


worth 1 point


worth 3 points


worth 1 point


worth 4 points


worth 5 points


worth 3 points

Each opposing player (Max 2 per round) draws a tile from the sack. You conceal the tile in your hand and feels for the imprint to tell you which the name and corresponding value (All the while staring down your opponent with a poker face). You each must draw THREE tiles before betting or calling begins. You then place a bet based on what you have or what you think your opponent has. 5HC minimum bet, and it can be raised twice more to a maximum bet based on the table. There is a call option as well, which ends all betting. Players lay their tiles down and the dealer splits the coffers with 10% always going to the house.
When the DM feels a half an hour has passed, Zylar will click here. The rest of the party will continue their mingling, gambling, etc.

Zylar, you are approached by a Sartian for the first time in your life. Seemingly floating on air, the Sartian stares at you with those giant hollow eyes, never averting them even the slightest bit as he closes the distance toward your table.

“Follow me now.” He struggles in Ireelian.

He leads you down through the back staircase and past multiple rooms covered in tapestries, all depicting a death scene of some kind. Perhaps composed by the same artist. A few waitresses pass you on their way from what you can only guess is the kitchen judging by the increasingly intense odors which waft into your palette.

Passing the kitchen which is filled with squirming live foods, fish tanks (with some raka left in them), spice racks, cleavers, squaking Laird birds tied to the corner. The Sartian does not say a word as he stops infront of the entrance to the next room, looks at you and nods inside the room. You look inside to see Three Kavalas with bloodied aprons, one wearing a huge ornate and detailed necklace that hangs to the floor. The room is small, perhaps 8’x12’ and the walls are covered in large vials of blown glass, different liquids contained within. It smells of raw meat in here. A table (or what looks like a gerney), is centered in the room and the Kavala with the necklace bids you to remove your clothing, weapons etc and lie them on the floor.

You comply and the moment you are lying horizontal on the bed, the Sartian closes the door an walks over to you, leaning into your face so that his is no more than four inches away from your face, his eyes burning into your soul. You have yet to feel fear of this level that you can remember. The eyes are drawing you in, like being pulled by many arms into a dark room. His empty voice echoes in your mind.. “You will sleep now. You will sleep. Sleep. Sleep.”

You feel that death has taken you and it seems like you are floating in a gelatenous mass for what could be a year. It is torture being alone for that long without a place to take your mind, so you look inward. Judging yourself, re-living all the painful moments you’ve felt since your Yikitarian brainwashing began to wear off. You are reaching another part of your brain now. You can feel it, either insanity or clarity but it is coming none the less.

Roll a d20 and confer with the DM.

You awake in a different world, or perhaps it is just you that is different. Everything has changed, like a new singer walking on stage. Your face feels different. Your head feels strangely clear, and you now can “feel” the Sartian has left the room. He is perhaps 50’ away, and you can’t place how you know that. The Kavalas in the room as that you not move quickly, but slowly gain your composure and ease yourself off the bed. Now you can see your friends coming into the room, they look concerned. You are glad to see them, very glad. You now hold their friendship closer to you as now it is apparent how important the are to you.

Touching your face, you know it is drastically different. Where are you ears???? They’ve cut them down so short, you could be human now. Re-Roll your comliness.

You gather your things, all of them still intact and exactly where you left them.

Wait for your party to be ready, and continue with your mission by clicking here

The party is escorted back down the hallway by your Kavala contact, past the grotesque wall tapestries full of murder and bank left before the staircase that takes you back upstairs. Through a door-less door way, the adjoining hallway is long covered in fine silken cloth of varied color. It seems someone has gone to great length to stylize this room for no apparent purpose other than to do it. Whiteworm bulbs dot the walls every 12-14’ illuminating your path well. At the end of the forty foot walk lies a black and maroon stained glass door, it nearly fills the girth of the room, huge in its design. The Kavala knocks loudly and the door opens immediately. This is obviously not a room for children.

There are inter-twined newd bodies writhing about everywhere. Human, Kavala, Ireelian all mix together in an orgy that never notices your entrance. The smell is terribly offensive, but not as much as the acts being played out infront of your eyes. The hedonism before you could be drug induced it is so complete in its form. Male and female, and every other combination of the two and perhaps three or four are rapturously engrossed in eachother.

Shaking his head, the Kavala leads you over plush pillows and between bodies to naviage through the skin-throng to the other side of the room. To the far left corner you are led, where the Kavala asks a rigid human on duty to move a shelf. He complies and the Kavala pulls out a tuning peg and pangs it on the tuning lock, deeply set in a circular glass door. The bolt slides slowly into the wall and the door opens to release a stale air smell, pushed into your face by a heavy draft. Through the doors is what seems to be bracing on the glass tunnel just outside the door, strange and out of place as the glass could be engineered thick enough not to need any kind of support. Two Ireelians regard your group with passing interest and then go rigid as it clearly their duty to stand guard outside the door, preventing anyone from getting in who is forbidden. Behind the guard on the left, stands a long heavy metal hammer. Both guards are covered in Palantian armor and look battle-hardened.

“You’ve got your map, now get on with it. We have men waiting for this task to be completed, so don’t take your time. Remember, when you’re done, rap on the door FOUR times and this guard will let you back in. You can find me in the Serviced Area.” With that, he gives you a whiteworm globe to light your way and closes the door behind you.

When you feel you have finished your business you wish to complete within the two hours, or the time has come to a close, proceed here

The Xylophone plays three notes and Garul begins screaming “The time is now! Do not let our lord Nal see failure! Hail the Cloth!” With that, patrons from all corners of the Luckhouse begin to scuttle away towards the exit. Most moving towards the three front gates, but perhaps 10-20 casually making their way past the two guards and moving downstairs, through the back exit.

Continue on by clicking here

Liriel, as you pass the half-way point of the walk to the back tables, a hand attempts to grab yours from the edge of your peripheral vision. DEX Check to either smack it away or grab it.

Liriel Only 1

You turn abruptly to deal with the newest threat and find it to be the apathetic face of Haleel. Her head is slightly tilted and she is apologizing with her eyes, nearly to tears before words even begin to come forth. It is very apparent she is either “in love” with you or just loves you, for being a close friend.

Never leaving her Suthwood seat she beckons you close with her wagging finger and says, “Don’t hate me, but it wasn’t my choice to bring you here and into all this mess, I had no choice. I can’t talk any longer, but look to find me if everything goes to hell tonight. Go talk to the three Kavalas sitting at the table at the back. I’m glad you brought your friends, nice armor.” She quickly and ambiguously kisses your hand (which doesn’t go unnoticed by the guard standing near) and returns her half-hearted attention to the platform in the middle of the Pit.

Spot Check #3 DC 24

A movement near the top level of the “block” across the street draws the attention of one of the Luckhouse Guards. He shuffles slightly in response and in turn you notice a trough-like box behind him holding purple liquid. A slight shimmer of the surface of the liquid gives away what is behind held below the surface. It is a preserved Dredica net. Someone must have paid a pretty hou coin to have that stored away.

Spot Check #4 DC 21 75xp

You notice two humans eyeing your weapons even more than the others around. From a distance, they sneakily attempt to avert their stare without your knowledge. They could be planning something for when you walk by, but you’re not sure. There are so many eyes watching you as you walk, it could be your nerves getting the best of you. They appear to be merchants or shopsmen. Dressed in purple and red cloth, both of them return to watching the Tandem fight in the Sand Pit below. Unless you want to alert them that you have caught on to them (if they are planning something), you cannot stop to tell the rest of the group, but it is your call. The walkway is filled with bodies on both sides and stopping your movement will undoubtedly cause someone walking behind you to curse or grumble.



LuckHouse Entrance

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