Zylars History

Past History

Your deep history is totally unknown to you. As all Raiflin Vanguards, you had your memory wiped by the Yikitari so you become completely loyal to their whim. With a small exception: you remember a vague memory of floating in the clouds and looking down on a great city you can only guess as Laterus. This gave you a feeling of great accomplishment and you cannot place why.

Recent History

Since you remember, you have been a very willing “soldier of Geist” as the Yikitari call the Raiflin Vanguard. The days droned on, and so did your killings. As a Vanguard in the city of Hou’Caw, your task was simple. With the others, watch for trouble, identify it, then stop it by any means necessary. Wait for Justice Arbiter to arrive, then follow his commands. Sometimes he is tired and has a vanguard finish the job or you watch as someone gets murdered. Every so often, you are selected to stand on guard as basically an ornate statue while Hou eats a meal, executes or sodomizes someone, hosts a Yikitari or just feels unsafe that night. But in the past 20 years, doubt over your place in the universe creeps into your mind at night, accompanied by the vision of the vague memory you cannot place. Sometimes when you would wake, it would be followed by a great feeling of anger. As time passed and your assignment changed from guarding Zep’Tha’Rum to becoming Hou’s perverbial lapdog, you became angry with the Yikitari and you didn’t know why. None of your fellow Vanguards knew, but you began to hate them as well for being so mentally impotent.

In the air, floating in the streets of Hou’Caw, you had an epiphany. The executions you and your vanguards completed were murders. Hou was evil. The whole city is rank with evil. How had you missed it? Had you been asleep while your life continued on? Now you began to look for answers and you learned of your heritage. You do not know which Melekhai clan you came from, but you know that you must eventually find out. But before that, there is one task ahead of you: force a Yikitari to give your memory back, then kill as many of them as you can. Big task.

First you must undo the wrongs you have committed in this disgusting city by ridding it of the purveyor of filth himself, Hou. He must die or in the very least be driven off the planet. The Great Slave Migration that you annually participate in, must stop. At the moment, there is only one option you see available. Seek out the Black Cloth.

In the last four months, you have began spending your free time in the Carala District in top levels(not the most popular areas). Not wearing your uniform, you have finally found some like-minded beings to share some Kanem smoke with. A Melekhai named Darius and a neurotic ex-Sandwalker named Liriel. The three of you have exchanged some uncommon views on the politics of the area and planet, though all in hushed tones. There are many spies for Hou lurking about you know. You are pretty sure Liriel is addicted to the smoke and Darius is a complicated non-native Melekhai. He shared his past with you, which you thought might shine some light on yours. It did not. It seems he is jaded in his thoughts of the Melekhai and cannot provide any answers you may wish to ask.

Living in Hou’Caw can harden even the most naive souls. Last night you all spent another night smoking in Carala 9, all of your favorite smoke shop. The varieties of buds are surprising for the area and so are the prices(to keep customers coming in I suppose!). Tonight after your shift you plan to meet them there again. You are so glad to have what you can earnestly call “friends” now. And also, there is a new flavor of Kanem that Hethem is giving free samples for tonight so you three will be down there no doubt.

Zylars History

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